News of the Weird

You have to have a love and hate relationship with news of the weird kind of posts. So here we go!

California: Man dies from falling refrigerator

Kentucky: Stick’em up! Man accused of shooting a refrigerator.

Pennsylvania: Meat filled refrigerator stolen! 

Another Penn story: Refrigerator stolen and then dropped. 

All sorts of weird things happen with refrigerator it seems. Here’s a tip, just recycle the old one from the garage (or basement). It’s one less thing to worry about.

Pennsylvania Refrigerator Recycling in the News

Ripping out the foam from the fridge!

There has been quite a bit of activity in the refrigerator recycling world (and by world, I mean Pennsylvania). Two stories came out this week one in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the other in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The one in the Philly Inquirer is about the event that I wrote about last week where the kids got to see their refrigerator go through the recycling process. I have to say that this article has some gems like “environmental time bomb” and “cold war”. It’s great that the article pulled the contact information and rebate info from the following utilities:

Peco customers: Call 888-573-2672 or go to $35

PPL customers: Call 877-270-3522 or visit $35

New Jersey: Call 877-270-3520 or visit $50

To read this awesome article, go here.

The second one is about the industrial park where the recycling facility is located. The great thing about this article is that it highlights how recycling can lead to green jobs.  The recycling facility brought 20 more jobs to the area and if there’s enough of a demand for refrigerator recycling (ahem!), they would create more jobs. Awesome!

Check out the story here.

Happy weekend!


News of the Weird 3.0

I call this the "Dobie Gillis"

What is up with the refrigerator crime?!

The holiday season makes people do weird things. There seems to be a spike in strange behavior surrounding refrigerators. Tis the season I guess.

With that, here’s your news of the weird:

Milwaukee, IL – Death by refrigerator (no joke).

Richmond, KY – Crime, it makes you hungry.

Harrisburg, PA – Five finger discount for that guy.

Brooksville, FL – This is just too weird to have a cleaver title. [Note: This story does involve a dismembered cat]

On a serious note, I hope everyone out there is staying warm and safe. Also, don’t forget to recycle your old refrigerator before the holidays to pick up some extra cash as well as clean up some space before the relatives come pouring in. Check with your local utility and see what programs they are offering. Some like DTE in Detroit and AEP Ohio have bumped up the rebate to $50!


So hurry up and schedule your pick up before Christmas.


Money, Money, Money

Just learned that Penelec in Pennsylvania has upped the ante and is now offering a $50 rebate on recycled appliances until the end of the year. Nice little upgrade from the previous $35 rebate! The news covered a residential customer pick up where a classic, “vintage” avocado green refrigerator was picked up. This refrigerator was long over due to be removed considering that it was 30 years old!


That refrigerator has gone through so much:

  • Gorbachev becoming president of the Soviet Union
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • The World Wide Web
  • Crystal Pepsi
  • End of apartheid in South Africa
  • The Macarena (which btw, should never ever ever be resurrected)
  • First iPod
  • Toyota Prius
  • and more!

Needless to say, a lot has happened in the last thirty years…It’s a good thing that refrigerator will be recycled and put to rest. To read the rest of the story, check out this link.

To schedule your pick up, call (877) 270-3521 or visiting

For more details about Penelec, check out their website.

Have a great weekend!


10,500 recycled units and counting!

UPDATE: Call me a nerd, but I just Google mapped it and as it turns out, the facility is in WARRENDALE, not Marshall.

The more you know…Joey.


Good news Pennsylvanians!

Yesterday was the launch of a brand new recycling facility in Marshall, PA  where twenty new jobs will be created. Power houses (pun intended) First Energy, Allegheny Power and Duquense Light have already recycled 10,500 units since the launch of their programs. (Remember this post?)


I feel like a broken record here, but that’s the same impact of removing 21,000 cars off the road for a year. That’s significant. It seems that the good residents of Pennsylvania are taking advantage of the $35 rebate as well as doing their part for the environment.

At the recycling facility, about 95% of the refrigerator gets recycled. Here’s a clip showing how the refrigerator gets broken down:

Here’s the news story.

Do your part.


Let our powers combine…





….Gooooo Planet!

Okay, so Captain Planet didn’t actually have anything to do with this next update other than highlighting how great it is when teams comes together for the greater good. Three power houses (no pun intended) came together in western Pennsylvania to make sure that people will have the ability to recycle their old appliances! Major shout out to Allegheny Power, Duquesne Light and First Energy for making this possible. If you live in western PA, lucky you!

Channel 2 (KDKA/CBS local) shot some great footage of the recycling process from a customer standpoint. It’s pretty neat to see the recyclers come, take out your old appliance for you and then have it meet its maker. They even cut the cord!

So don’t be afraid to call up your local utility to haul your old (yet still working) junker away! Pocket some cash and save the planet.

You know that’s what Captain Planet would do…