New England Recycling

New England in technicolor

Great news dear blog readers! Other than the fact that the New England Patriots are heading to the Superbowl (if you’re into that kind of thing), refrigerator recycling has extended into the great state of Maine!

Don’t fret, super fans. Considering how cold the Eastern Seaboard is, you don’t need to hold onto your secondary refrigerators until after the Superbowl. As I’ve mentioned before, take advantage of these frigid (and free!) conditions and keep your extra beverages outside to stay nice and cold.

According to the Maine Public Broadcast Network, the good people at Efficiency Maine will give you a $50 rebate for your old refrigerator.  Read on.

Live outside of Maine? There are programs all up and down New England.

New Hampshire: National Grid

Vermont: Efficiency Vermont

Massachusetts: MassSave

Rhode Island: National Grid

Connecticut: Connecticut Light & Power, The United Illuminating Co.

Happy Recycling!