A Rewarding Reason to Recycle!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

There has been a lot of refrigerator recycling news stories popping up across the country where many utilities are incentivizing their customers to recycle their refrigerators (yeah!) with gift card raffles on top of the existing rebate. They are ranging from $250 to $2000! Here’s the round down by state:


Gulf Power – Promotiona period ends in June: http://www.wtvy.com/home/headlines/Recycle-for-a-Chance-to-Win-Gulf-Power-Drawing-200913491.html


Ameren – Promotional period ended in March (darn!): http://altondailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=17&id=70335#.UWIK1JOG18E


Indianapolis Power & Light – Promotiona period ends in June: http://www.indianapolisrecorder.com/news/local/article_19bf7182-9b90-11e2-9013-0019bb2963f4.html


Consumers Energy – Promotion period ends in May: http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2013/04/consumers_energy_appliance_rec.html


AEP Ohio – Promotion period ends in April: http://www.athensohiotoday.com/news_briefs/aep-spring-raffle-encourages-recycling-of-old-refrigerators/article_8d5a1d52-3a73-52e9-87c6-82f75d6d3750.html

There’s no better time to recycle that old fridge and get back that space in your garage. If you live in any of these utility areas, you’re even luckier. Will you be one of the lucky ones?


Game over.

The real winner is YOU once you decide to recycle your fridge:)


For those of you who decided that the Super Bowl was enough reason to keep your secondary refrigerator plugged into the garage, here is your chance to finally recycle it. I’d like to challenge you to call up your utility and schedule a pick up after the game is over.

Why keep a Giant refrigerator lying around that is sucking up money 364 days out of the year? Save yourself some cash on your utility bill and even get some cash back once you recycle it. Earlier today I saw that if you’re a customer of Grand Haven Board of Light & Power (Michigan), you can receive a rebate of $60! (http://www.ghblp.org/refrigerator-recycling-program)

It would be a very Patriotic thing to schedule your refrigerator pick up.

Okay – enough with the bad puns. Have fun watching the Super Bowl this weekend!



With a cherry on top!

A $60 rebate is a sweet as cherry!

We started off this week with a boom in jobs in refrigerators and we’ll end the week with the one of the highest refrigerator recycling rebates that I’ve seen lately: $60!

Considering that a secondary, old and inefficient refrigerator could cost up to $150 extra in your utility bill, a $60 rebate is like the cherry on top of a sundae. You can really feel good about helping the environment and saving some money.  Is it really worth it to keep around an old fridge just to store some extra pop? I don’t think so.

Where can you get at $60 rebate you say?

If you’re a customer of Traverse City Light & Power out in Michigan then you’re in luck. TCLP serves over 10,000 people in northern Michigan and is a community owned and focused utility. According to the story posted on Local Edition, your rebate will take about 4 to 6 weeks to arrive and your refrigerator must be in working condition. Sounds pretty standard to me! Want to read the rest of the story? Click here.

Don’t know where Traverse City is? Imagine your left hand with your fingers together as the state of Michigan. Traverse City is where the top of your ring finger would be.  Traverse City lies at the edge of Lake Michigan and is also the home of the National Cherry Festival! Apparently the Cherry Queen recently visited the White House and was in DC to spread “cherry cheer”.

Sweet (pun, definitely intended!).

To schedule your pick up, just visit the website or call toll free 1-877-270-3519.

Happy weekend everyone!


Indiana, Michigan and New Jersey OH MY!

Indiana, Michigan and New Jersey seem to be hot spots for refrigerator recycling! Once again, these states make the news with their efforts to recycle old appliances. Let’s start from west to east…

Indiana Michigan Power wants your old refrigerators.” – Yes they do! It’s not too late to get your old appliances recycled. In fact, they will even offer you a $30 rebate for doing so. Here’s the posted story link. If you’re a residential customer in Indiana, I&M will take care of you. You can either call them or sign up online to schedule your pick up. So easy! If you’re a residential customer in Michigan, then you will be serviced through Efficiency United (like this previous post). Similar set up; you can either call or set it up online.

[Fun fact: If you sign up for paperless billing you could win tickets to a Notre Dame game! Save paper, the environment and Go Irish!]

Moving east to New Jersey, the NJBPU (that’s the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities) has extended their recycling program until the end of the year! Might as well cash in that old unit, grab that great rebate of $75 to $100 and have a new fridge ready to roll for football season! Check out the rest of the story to see what other great rebates you can receive on your older appliances.

What are you waiting for?


Detroit Rock City

Want to be a rock star?

You’re in luck!

DTE Energy out of Detroit, MI, is looking for an energy savings rock star! All you have to do is to submit a video on how you save energy around your household. The winner of the contest will win an ENERGY-STAR rated appliance worth up to $1,500. Once you have your video completed and submitted, you can have your friends and family vote on your video to make you the winner (and star). Check out the contest site for more details. The contest ends October 15, 2010 at 11:59p EST.

Do I sense a perfect time to plug refrigerator recycling? Why yes, yes, I do.

DTE Energy does offer refrigerator recycling with a $40 rebate incentive. So call them up, schedule your pick up and start saving energy! When the recycling crew comes to pick up your refrigerator, be sure to film that to include in your submission. So easy! I do hope readers of Refrigerator Recycling are also very energy conscious folks and also use other energy saving methods like using CFLs to include in their video submission.

According to their website, it looks like DTE has a goal of recycling 30,500 units! Let’s help them make that goal and do our part to help save the environment.

You rock!


E pluribus unum

Talk to the hand.

Great news out of upper Michigan! As I was checking my email, I got an alert about a news story out of Marquette, Michigan encouraging residents to recycle their old refrigerators! The piece also covered what to look for when buying a newer appliance for energy savings since your refrigerator can take up as much as one third of your electricity bill.

Efficiency United will come to your house, pick up the fridge and send you a $30 rebate in the mail. About 95% of each unit is recycled to avoid being thrown into the landfill which would cause major environmental harm.

Just for some background, Efficiency United is made up of eleven electric and gas providers in Michigan, hence the blog title in case you didn’t catch that.

[Latin lesson of the day: “e pluribus unum” means “one of many”.]

Their goal is to create energy saving programs for their customers. They also have a good FAQ section regarding their programs, why you should recycle and relevant information.

Read and watch  the story here.


News of the Weird 2.0

I call this the "Dobie Gillis"

These stories make you think...

Happy Friday loyal readers! Friday’s tend to be more kick back so here’s an entry about weird refrigerator related news. It is inevitable that there will very bizarre news pieces involving fridges since they’re such an integral part of your home. We have news from all of the states and beyond!

So here we go!

Washington: Who throws a refrigerator??

Michigan: Ha ha funny man

Ghana: Just say no to used refrigerators

Florida: Five finger discount

Wisconsin: Not the best storage solution… (Note: This story is disturbing to say the least.)

So if you hear of any random, weird, scary, interesting news in your neighborhood related to refrigerators, drop me a line!

Have a great weekend!