Refrigerator Recycling News Nationwide

Dearest refrigerator enthusiasts –

There has been a spike in refrigerator recycling related news recently. There are programs and rebates popping up right and left. Let’s start from West to East and see what’s been happening.

I’ll take that bet. (Nevada)

  • NV Energy has made a splash on the news by offering the safest bet in the state – $50 rebate for old refrigerators and freezers. Hurry up though because the $50 rebate will only last until the end of August. After that it will drop back to $35. Check out the program details here.

Holy Toledo! (Ohio)

  • Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company and Toledo Edison (all First Energy Ohio utilities) has also increased its rebate to $50. The good news is that this rebate will last until October 31st so if you recycle now, you’ll get some extra cash for all of your trick-o-treaters who come ringing the doorbell as ghosts, witches and an occasional Ninja Turtle. Are you a customer of the above utilities? Then check out your program details here.

Gem City (Dayton, Ohio)

  • Dayton Power and Light Company (DP&L) has gotten in on the refrigerator recycling game and is offering its customers a special of $50 for their old school appliances. Like many of the rebates noted already, once August is over the rebate will drop back to $25. The time is now! Are you a resident of the famed Gem City and have an old clunker you want to get rid of? Then step right up and go here.

313 (Detriot)

  • Motor city seriously recycles. DTE Energy has recycled 35,000 refrigerators in its program! 35k! DTE is currently offering its customers $40 for their fridge or freezers. Really great way to help the city, put some cash in your pocket and reduce your carbon emissions. Here’s a great article from Earth911 that follows what happened to those refrigerators. Want to reap in those rewards? Then go here to set up your free pick up.

Fine Art of Recycling (Rhode Island)

  • Rhode Island artists have answered the call….and they decorated refrigerators to help inspire other Rhode Islanders to recycle their old refrigerators through National Grid Rhode Island‘s recycling program. I LOVE this campaign. Not only has NGRI provided a public service by displaying colorful art around Providence, but they’re also driving home the message that recycling is important. And on top of all of that, they’re currently offering their customers $50 for their retro refrigerators. Want to know what these refrigerators look like? Then check out this link to the new story. If you’re a customer of NGRI you can vote for your favorite fridge. Three top prizes available! I won’t tell you  my favorite…unless you tell me yours. Vote here!

So there you have it. Recycling is all the rage this summer so don’t wait to recycle your old fridge or freezer until the fall. You’ll miss out on these special rebates.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…