Fridging. It’s a thing.

In case you weren’t aware, “fridging” (or search for #fridging at your own risk), has become a THING. This happened a while ago, thanks to Nicki Minaj (see below). But then we noticed more people started to do it. Then Christina Ricci decided to show how small she is by fitting inside of the refrigerator. Which then led to a search on the interwebs about “fridging”. Results may vary so some of it might be funny. Some of it might be weird. Some of it might be NSFW.


Love and respect that refrigerator and recycle it when it’s ready to say goodbye. Don’t get stuck inside of one (hello, poor Cherie.). I don’t want to write about that in the future.


It’s all about the Benjamins

Happy 2014 loyal readers!

So far 2014 has started off with some crazy high incentives to recycle your old refrigerator. Let’s head over to the East Coast. Both Massachusetts AND Rhode Island utilities are offering you $100 to have them come by and pick up your fridge. For free.

They’ll give you $100.

One Benjamin (although it’s a check but close enough).


Do you know what you could do with that $100?

Let me count the ways:

  • Buy 100 items at the Dollar Tree (or better yet, the 99 Cent Store)
  • Get 100 scoops of ice cream at $1 scoop night at various Baskin-Robbins stores
  • Having a shopping spree at a Goodwill or other thrift store of your choice
  • Donate it to a great non-profit in your area
  • Save it for a rainy day

I could keep going but you get the point. But, this is only a limited time deal until February 28th. What are you waiting for?

Check out the coverage from the Eagle-Tribune (Massachusetts) here.

Check out the story from ABC 6 (Rhode Island) here.

Dress up for Halloween as a refrigerator you say?


Halloween is a mere TWO days away and you still don’t have a costume. Never fear! You can always become a refrigerator for Halloween. All you need are: cardboard boxes, paint, some refrigerator “magnets”, stuff from your pantry and maybe a box of cereal or an ice cream container. This costume will be the talk of the party, not to mention, gives you some space to enjoy some Halloween sweet treats! 

Here are some good (or funny) examples from around the web:

Homemade Running Refrigerator Halloween Costume

Who doesn’t love a good joke costume? Check it out here.


Good job parents for encouraging creativity! Source: Tracy Press

Refrigerator - Homemade costumes for boys

A little bit more technical, cut from styrofoam but very cool! For a how to, visit here.

Homemade Sensational Stainless Steel Refrigerator Costume

And lastly, extra points for going stainless! Join the fun here

Feeling inspired? Happy Halloween!

Christine’s Refrigerator

I was reading the New York Times and came across this article about finding inspiration from refrigerator doors to make a video and use a song called “Christine’s Refrigerator”. The song was written by John Margolis and Don Rosler. It’s a nice post lunch article to read. Who knew that refrigerator doors could be so emotional? 

What’s on your refrigerator door?

A Rewarding Reason to Recycle!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

There has been a lot of refrigerator recycling news stories popping up across the country where many utilities are incentivizing their customers to recycle their refrigerators (yeah!) with gift card raffles on top of the existing rebate. They are ranging from $250 to $2000! Here’s the round down by state:


Gulf Power – Promotiona period ends in June:


Ameren – Promotional period ended in March (darn!):


Indianapolis Power & Light – Promotiona period ends in June:


Consumers Energy – Promotion period ends in May:


AEP Ohio – Promotion period ends in April:

There’s no better time to recycle that old fridge and get back that space in your garage. If you live in any of these utility areas, you’re even luckier. Will you be one of the lucky ones?


News of the Weird

You have to have a love and hate relationship with news of the weird kind of posts. So here we go!

California: Man dies from falling refrigerator

Kentucky: Stick’em up! Man accused of shooting a refrigerator.

Pennsylvania: Meat filled refrigerator stolen! 

Another Penn story: Refrigerator stolen and then dropped. 

All sorts of weird things happen with refrigerator it seems. Here’s a tip, just recycle the old one from the garage (or basement). It’s one less thing to worry about.